About Green Finance Network Japan

1 Aim 

Green Finance Network Japan (GFNJ) aims to provide a platform for bringing together Japanese green finance players in both public and private sectors, thereby enhancing green finance activities in Japan and promoting cooperation with international stakeholders.

2 Organisation 

Takejiro Sueyoshi: CEO, Green Finance Organisation / Special Adviser to UNEP FI
Rintaro Tamaki: President, Japan Center for International Finance / Former Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

<Secretary General>
Hideki Takada: Former Senior Policy Analyst, Green Finance and Investment, OECD (Ministry of Finance / Financial Services Agency)

Stakeholders from both public and private sectors are participating in personal capacities 

GFNJ Member List (pdf)

3 Activities

-Sharing information on green finance activities of members; organising events and workshops
-Gathering and sharing of information on global green finance activities
-Providing a platform for connecting Japanese and international stakeholders

7 March 2024: Japan-France Green Finance forum (organised by the French Embassy in Tokyo, cooperated by GFNJ)

21 July 2023: FDSF Global Conference 2023 (organised by Future Design Initiative by Science and Finance, cooperated by GFNJ)

30 May 2023: GFNJ Roundtable (online) (co-organised by GFNJ and the Financial Services Agency)

25 October 2022: Tokyo-London Green Finance Seminar 2022 (co-organised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the British Embassy in Japan, and the City of London Corporation, cooperated by GFNJ)

19 October 2022: Green Finance Seminar (organised by the French Embassy in Tokyo, cooperated by GFNJ)

2 June 2022: Webinar on “Green Finance Development in Japan and Korea” (co-organised by GFNJ and Green Finance Forum-Korea)

16 May 2022: GFNJ Roundtable (online) (co-organised by GFNJ and the Financial Services Agency)

29 October 2021: Green finance webinar (organised by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo), cooperated by GFNJ)

28 September 2021: Awarded “Sustainable Japan Award 2021” by The Japan Times

19 June 2021: GFNJ Symposium (online) on “Sustainable Finance: Global trend towards decarbonization and the role of finance”

10 February 2021: Tokyo-London Green Finance Seminar 2021 (organised by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and British Embassy Tokyo, cooperated by GFNJ)

6 December 2020: GFNJ Symposium (online) on “Green Recovery and the Role of Sustainable Finance”

19 December 2019: RI World Update Webinar (organised by Responsible Investor, supported by GFNJ)

10 October 2019: Japan-France Green Finance Forum (organised by the French Embassy in Tokyo, supported by GFNJ)

20 June 2019: Seminar on Green Bonds and Green Finance Developments (co-organized by GFNJ and Climate Bonds Initiative, sponsored by Citi)

3 June 2019: Tokyo Dialogue on Sustainable Finance (organised by Japan Climate Initiative and UNEP FI, cooperated by GFNJ)

29 May 2019: Tokyo-London Green Finance Seminar 2019 (organised by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and British Embassy Tokyo, cooperated by GFNJ)

18 May 2019: GFNJ Symposium on “SDGs/Green Finance: Public and private actions towards a sustainable society”

3 November 2018: GFNJ Symposium on “SDGs/Green Finance: A new financial movement towards a sustainable society”

Introduced by international media

“Symposium examines role of finance in path to sustainability”

The Japan Times (2021.7.2)

“ESG investing gains ever more momentum in Japan”

The Japan Times (2021.4.26)

The Japan Times ESG Talk (2021.4.5)


Eco-friendly financing for a more sustainable world
The Green Finance Network Japan (GFNJ) was established late last year with the aim to make green finance mainstream in Japan’s financial market….

The Japan Times (27 June 2019)

Japan becomes latest country to launch public/private green finance group
Members come from Finance Ministry, OECD, banks, insurance and asset managers
bySophie Robinson-Tillett | October 8th, 2018

Japan is the latest country to launch a big-hitting panel of experts to develop its green finance market, following hot on the heels of the UK, Canada and Hong Kong.
The Green Finance Network of Japan has been set up by former Deputy Secretary General of the OECD, Rintaro Tamaki ? now President of the Japan Centre for International Finance ? along with fellow OECD alumni Hideki Takada, who was a Senior Policy Analyst for Green Finance and Investment before returning to Japan’s Ministry of Finance this summer; and Takejiro Sueyoshi, Special Advisor to UNEP FI and the CEO of the Green Finance Organisation Japan.

This new platform will work with stakeholders in Japan and overseas, both in the public and private sectors, to stimulate and promote green finance more broadly. It will organise workshops and events, facilitate information sharing between institutions and sectors and attempt to connect domestic players with global ones.
Its first event will be held in Tokyo next month on November 3.
The move is the latest in a long list of national efforts around the world to create expert groups on sustainable finance.

Responsible Investor (8 October 2018)

Tokyo: Launch of Green Finance Network Japan: A new high-level green initiative
On 3rd November 2018, Tokyo sees a green finance symposium which will mark the launch of the Green Finance Network Japan (GNFJ). The GFNJ will take on the role of putting Japan amongst the select group of nations who have undertaken green finance initiatives to review and examine options for reform of their financial systems. 

Climate Bonds Initiative blog(2 November 2018)

Contact:Hideki Takada (takada1012@hotmail.com)